You've Never Seen Oil Mist Sealed Like this Before


A smarter seal for the long haul.

ISOMAG is the original long-term, liquid-tight magnetic-face bearing isolator. Our advanced positive seal outperforms other isolators to protect your rotary equipment by extending bearing life, eliminating wear, decreasing maintenance and rebuilds, and preventing lubricant leakage.

Every day, we save customers time, money and materials through technology that retains and circulates bearing lubricant; extends equipment life; reduces maintenance and rebuilds; and allows flexibility to schedule area outages.

Lubricant leakage is not acceptable.

It doesn’t have to be a condition that “goes with the territory.” Our deep-channel oil groove retains and circulates bearing lubrication, and our seals are long-term and liquid-tight, whether it’s liquid lube, oil mist or grease.