Electric Motor Bearing Isolators

Electric motors are the workhorses of machines across many industries. Considering the significant investment many companies put into this equipment, it’s important to minimize downtime and take extra care during maintenance. ISOMAG’s magnetic face bearing seals create a positive seal, eliminating contamination ingress and lubrication leaks.

Protection during washdown

Regular high-pressure liquid cleaning puts your electric motors at risk of water intrusion, condensate buildup and, ultimately, corrosion and failure. ISOMAG’s long-term, liquid-tight seal lets you perform washdown with confidence, knowing that your bearings and bearing housing are protected.

Performance with common lubrication types

ISOMAG magnetic bearing seals work in both grease and oil, both common to electric motor applications. Check out our comparison chart to see how ISOMAG performs against lip seals and labyrinth isolators in various conditions and lubrication systems.

At work every day in the real world

Read about how ISOMAG helped coal-fired power plants solve the problem of coal dust contamination on large induced draft fan motors.

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