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ISOMAG magnetic-face bearing seals retain and circulate bearing lubricant; prevent outside contaminant ingress in dynamic and standby conditions; extend equipment life; reduce maintenance and rebuilds; and allow flexibility to schedule area outages. Learn about our Magnum series product line.

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Every day, ISOMAG magnetic oil seals save customers time, money and materials through technology that:

  • Retains and circulates bearing lubricant
  • Prevents outside contaminant ingress in dynamic and standby conditions
  • Extends equipment life
  • Reduces maintenance and rebuilds
  • Allows flexibility to schedule area outages

ISOMAG oil seals are made in the USA and built to last, effectively increasing cycle life with zero wear to host equipment shafts and other components. Every cartridge seal we engineer and manufacture must meet our own high standards and pass strict quality checks for safety and structural integrity.

The Magnum series is our most innovative yet.

ISOMAG developed our Magnum line of rotary shaft seals to incorporate what we’ve learned across a variety of real-world applications and lubrication system types. Our most popular Magnum products include:

Designed for environments where the oil level above the shaft centerline or the seal is at the bottom in a vertical application, more commonly found on gearboxes

Typically used to seal an oil splash, oil mist or oil-circulated lubrication environment, including pumps, steam turbines and electric motors

Often paired with a grease lube system; typically placed on an application that has had trouble with external contamination

The cartridge is key.

Our Magnum series bearing seals are shipped as a one-piece “easy-fit” cartridge for simple installation and greater reliability while operating compared to multi-component models.

  • Reusable and field-repairable
  • O-ring fit (not metal-to-metal)
  • Unaffected by axial shaft movement

Proven reliable with cycle life of over 75,000 hours

​​Our vertical and horizontal bearing isolator sets seal reliably at high shaft speeds (up to 15,000 sfpm) without causing equipment wear or damage. The deep-channel oil groove retains and circulates bearing lubrication in these systems:

  • Bath oil
  • Splash oil
  • Flooded
  • Submerged
  • Oil mist

Want to know more about our magnetic bearing seals?

Get detailed information on our Technical Downloads page. Or talk to us about the ISOMAG product that’s right for your equipment.


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