At ISOMAG, we serve customers’ pump needs more than any other application. We understand your need for reliable pumps with efficient bearings, shaft integrity and contained lubricant — and we help you get the job done with innovative technology that saves you time, money and materials.

Clear, long-lasting benefits

Our advanced positive seal outperforms other isolators to protect your pumps by extending bearing life, eliminating wear, decreasing maintenance and rebuilds, and preventing lubricant leakage. If you currently use labyrinth isolators for your pump applications, see how switching to ISOMAG can be a smarter solution.

The ISOMAG bearing isolator in pump applications offers numerous benefits, illustrating why a pump bearing isolator is a critical component of a pump system.

These benefits include:
  • More efficient operation: By maintaining lubricant levels, controlling temperature and moisture levels, and keeping contaminants out of bearings, our ANSI pump bearing seal solutions enable pumps to operate at peak performance, without wasted energy expenditure.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: ISOMAG pump bearing seal products are designed to provide up to 75,000 hours of operation, in contrast to other seal types that must be replaced after only a few months. This means less downtime for repair and replacement, as well as lower overall maintenance costs.
  • Longer equipment life span: Pump bearing protection applies to your capital equipment investment as well as bearings and components. By preserving optimal performance; reducing or eliminating oil mist spray; and controlling temperature, moisture and contaminants, our bearing seals can ensure that your valuable equipment operates as intended for decades to come.
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Safer during shutdown

When labyrinths are used to seal pumps, these isolators will “breathe in” air from the environment — including contaminants. ISOMAG’s innovative design allows only air to pass, not liquid or liquid particles.

At work every day in the real world

ISOMAG helps companies across many industries protect the integrity and performance of their pumps. We have specifically designed our bearing seals to overcome the challenges and issues that face other seal types, such as labyrinth seals, and we are ready to work with you to help identify the right solution for your job. Read about how ISOMAG bearing seals helped solve contamination issues for Sulzer pumps along oil pipelines.

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