Every industrial steam turbine operator understands the problem of moisture ingress into bearing housings — an issue that many OEM standard seals cannot effectively prevent. If you deal with this challenge, you should know that ISOMAG magnetic bearing seals provide a water-tight alternative that saves you time, money and materials.

No more water removal

Condensate ingress is such a problem with steam turbines that many companies must routinely drain the water from the turbine oil. At ISOMAG, we believe this is unacceptable, and our unique bearing seal design for steam turbines will eliminate the need for this time-consuming task.

The time and cost savings of a water-tight steam turbine seal are just the start of the benefits of an ISOMAG steam turbine bearing isolator, as the magnetic-face design yields a host of advantages over conventional labyrinth seals.

Proven benefits for the long haul

ISOMAG’s advanced positive seal outperforms other isolators to protect your steam engines by extending bearing life, eliminating wear, decreasing maintenance and rebuilds, and preventing lubricant leakage.

With the above benefits, a steam turbine sealing system built around ISOMAG contactless bearing seals will improve your operations and costs through:

  • Reduced downtime: With the ability to prevent water in steam turbine oil, ISOMAG seals eliminate the need for frequent drainage, allowing equipment to operate for a longer period, improving productivity.
  • Longer equipment service life: Your equipment represents a major investment, which can quickly be damaged by the presence of moisture within components. Water-tight seals reduce this wear and tear, extending the life of your equipment and improving the return on your investment.
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs: Labyrinth isolators allow the ingress of condensate almost immediately after start-up, and must be replaced every several months. ISOMAG magnetic-face seals offer up to 75,000 hours of liquid-tight operation, eliminating the condensate ingress.
  • Improved overall performance: As moisture enters turbine components, performance will degrade, only being brought back to optimal specifications for a brief time when water is drained before beginning to suffer once more. A water-tight seal from ISOMAG eliminates this cycle, helping equipment to operate at peak performance more frequently and for longer periods.

See how our patented design compares to common lip seals and labyrinth isolators.

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