True innovation with
Magnetic-Face Bearing Isolators.

ISOMAG magnetic-face bearing seals save you money and extend bearing life up to 75,000 hours.


“We are very pleased with Isomag’s ability to stop contamination at such high shaft speeds during both dynamic and static conditions.”


"I’m very impressed with the longevity of the Isomag magnetic seal technology, even at high speeds in a salty and humid environment.”

Ameren Illinois

"The end user is very satisfied with Isomags performance.The seals installed in 2008 are still running leak free today.”


"I believe we have greatly improved the reliability of this gearbox by upgrading these shaft seals.”

A smarter seal for the long haul

ISOMAG is the original long-term, liquid-tight magnetic-face bearing seal. Our advanced non-contacting seals outperform other isolators to protect your rotating equipment by extending bearing life, eliminating wear, decreasing maintenance and rebuilds, and preventing lubricant leakage.

Overcome key rotating equipment challenges.

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Wear and Tear

Preserve shaft integrity and maximize bearing life.

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Keep oil and grease exactly where it’s supposed to be.

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Guard equipment bearing housing with a liquid-tight seal.

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Reduce costly time needed for maintenance and rebuilds.

All about bearing seals

As dedicated bearing seal manufacturers, we focus our engineering and design expertise specifically on the real-world issues that lubrication systems are liable to encounter.

To that end, we offer three varieties of our Magnum line of bearing seals:

  • MP-V6S: Used in gearboxes and other applications where the seal is completely covered or submerged in oil
  • MP-V7: Used in pumps, steam turbines and gearboxes to seal oil splash and oil mist
  • MD-V8: Usually paired with a grease lube system and used to control external contamination

We are pioneers as bearing isolator manufacturers, where other suppliers may attempt to provide an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits all seal solution. We offer decades of collective institutional knowledge in bearing seal applications for lubrication systems—engineering unique, tailored solutions to help ensure continued efficient, reliable operation without interruption.

Versatile solutions across industries

ISOMAG is an oil seal company focused on providing tailored solutions across a broad range of industries — wherever bearings and lubrication systems are in use.

Some of the most frequent users of our products include:

  • Pump repair shops
  • Gearbox repair shops
  • Motor rebuilders
  • Chemical plants
  • Refineries
  • Paper mills
  • Mining facilities
  • Food processing and manufacturing plants
  • Power generation
  • Aerospace manufacturers
  • Green energy suppliers
  • OEMS, distributors, repair shops and end users
  • Many more

Our seals are built to exacting industrial-level standards, yet offer simple, intuitive installation suitable for end users at any stage. Curious if we are the right oil seal manufacturers for your application? Contact us today.

Additional benefits

We strive to offer differentiators that other shaft seal manufacturers do not, applying our expertise to proactively meet any need and issue that you may have.

Benefits of our seals include:

  • 75,000-hour cycle life
  • Easy installation as a one-piece “easy-fit” cartridge — with the benefit of a tighter, more reliable seal
  • Long-term performance thanks to the optimized magnetically energized sealing faces
  • Extend the life of bearings and equipment, and lengthen the time between maintenance and failure events
  • Reusable and field-repairable seals
  • Reliable operation up to 15,000 sfpm
  • Increased allowable axial shaft movement
  • Deep channel labyrinth grooves to retain and circulate lubrication
  • O-ring fit for easy install and removal

Trusted the world over

ISOMAG’s superior face-seal technology protects the bearings on thousands of rotating equipment applications including:

" The end user is very satisfied with ISOMAG’s performance. The seals we installed in 2008 are still running leak free today."

— Rebuild Contractor for Illinois Power Authority