The MP-V7 Rotary Shaft Oil Seal

Rotary seals are a critical method of bearing protection for pumps, helping to reduce maintenance while improving performance efficiency and quality. Rotary seals are used in rotating equipment (i.e. pumps, motors, gearboxes, etc.), to eliminate fluid flow between a rotating shaft and stationary housing. Rotary shaft oil seals are bi-directional, in that they eliminate leakage or the egress of lubricating fluids while also preventing the ingress of contaminants such as dirt, sand, mud, water, etc.

Important factors to consider when choosing a bearing oil seal for rotary equipment are heat generation , materials of construction, speed requirements, operational temperature limits, and lubrication condition.

ISOMAG offers a wide range of innovative, specialized sealing solutions for a variety of lubrication conditions — including grease, oil splash, oil circulated, oil mist, oil bath and oil flooded. The MP-V7 rotary oil seal is specifically designed for oil splash, oil circulated and oil mist applications, which are commonly found on pumps and steam turbines. ISOMAG offers thousands of drop-in designs including ANSI and API pumps, and if your application is outside of the standard product line, we can accommodate you with a custom-made design.

The most effective rotary seals must perform exceptionally well in challenging dynamic scenarios. High-quality rotary seals should demonstrate superior low-friction properties and excellent resistance to wear. With a broad selection of specialist seals available, the range of benefits from ISOMAG starts with lubricating fluid sealing and extends to increased uptime, longer time between repairs and replacement, less maintenance, and longer equipment life.

All ISOMAG rotary shaft seals Utilize axially applied magnetic-face seal technology, which eliminates all wear to the host equipment.

ISOMAG products are built with an innovative magnetic energy, creating a liquid-tight seal that greatly reduces equipment wear and tear while vastly reducing or eliminating lubricant egress and contaminant ingress. In addition to the MP-V7 rotary shaft seal, our products include the MP-V6s, ideal for gearbox applications, and the MD-V8, built to focus on preventing external contamination.

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