The Benefits Of Top-Quality Wind Seals For Extending Turbine


In the wind power industry, efficiency and reliability are critical measures of success. Efficiency is key because as an energy-generation method, wind turbines should be directing as much power as possible back to the grid — not to component operation. Reliability is important because of the difficulty of accessing many turbine components for maintenance, making any breakdown, repair or replacement event time-consuming and hazardous.

Bearing damage, contamination and leakage are among the leading causes of inefficient operation and maintenance needs in the wind power industry. Proper bearing sealing is the No. 1 way to combat these issues.

Without proper bearing seals, numerous issues can occur. These include:

  • Lubricant leaks, which can cause inefficient bearing operation, equipment failure, and damage to bearings and other equipment.
  • Bearing contamination, which occurs when outside material enters the bearing. This can also lead to equipment failure and can damage the bearing and other components.
  • Damage to contact points.
  • More frequent replacement of bearings, seals, shafts, gearboxes and other components.
  • Additional power needed to counteract shaft drag from friction generated at seal touchpoints.
  • Increased operating costs and less efficient operation.

A properly sealed main shaft bearing can avoid these problems, allowing for reliable, long-term operation with far less frequent equipment failure, damage, shutdown, repairs or replacements.

Proper sealing solutions reduce wear and tear on bearings and turbine equipment alike, extending the life of equipment and vastly increasing the amount of time between maintenance events — planned and unplanned. With a reliable, quality seal, equipment can operate as efficiently as possible, reducing operating costs and maximizing revenue by minimizing power loss.

ISOMAG offers a unique line of magnetic-face bearing seals that meet every requirement to overcome these challenges. Our innovative design eliminates friction points on the equipment, vastly reduces wear and tear, and offers extended service life without maintenance or intervention. To learn more about how we can help increase your wind turbine performance and efficiency, visit our wind turbines page.