Shintech Specs Isomag Bearing Isolators For Koellmann Extruder Gearbox


The Koellmann 12 extruder is a common gearbox found in chemical processing plants all around the world. Koellmann extruders have been designed to provide superior reliability and performance in harsh applications such as chemical processing, or geothermal power generation

Our customer, Shintech, uses this Koellmann 12 extruder drive in production of Vinyl Chlorine Monomer (VCM), and this piece of equipment is vital to production. The plant needed to find a longer term solution. The previous technology used were lip seals, which were a positive seal they liked, but Shintech needed a better and long term solution. Shintech found Isomag bearing isolators which complied with the positive seal requirement, but provided them with a seal that possessed a long life cycle. The seal has been running since 2015 and is still going today, with no leaks, while protecting the bearings.

A brochure for Isomag bearing isolators can be found here. Also as a reminder, Isomag bearing isolators can be custom made to fit your machine. Contact our customer service team and we will help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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