Isomag seals prevent water contamination in bearing oil for refinery steam turbines.

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Summary: Water contamination in bearing oil is a common recurring issue for steam turbines in the oil and gas industry. Labyrinth isolators fail to stop condensate from entering the bearing housing as steam dissipates from the carbon box. A Chevron in Port Arthur, Texas put an end to this issue by replacing the existing stationary labyrinths with Isomag seals. Since installed in 2014, the end user reports that the seals are running smoothly at low temperatures (120 oF) with no evidence of water contamination. The old practice of evaporating water out of the oil twice a year is no longer necessary.

Operating Specs:

Manufacturer: Turbodyne

Speed: 4370 rpm (4900 trip

Shaft diameter: 4.000 inch

Lubrication: Splash

Year installed: 2014

Previous bearing isolator tech: Stationary labyrinth

Problem: Water contamination Solution: Isomag MP V7 + Steam deflector

Statement from the End User: “We are very pleased with Isomag’s ability to stop contamination at such high shaft speeds during both dynamic and static conditions.”