Howe Sound Pulp and Paper in Port Mellon, British Columbia, experienced issues of water entering the bearing housing of their Bingham CFO 12x12x18 boiler feed pump. This Bingham pumps feed water into the boiler and is constantly in a steamy environment. The incumbent labyrinth isolator allows water vapor to enter into the bearing housing through it's leak path, which contaminates the lubrication and causes earlier failures.

When contacting Isomag, Howe Sound Pulp and Paper requested a solution that would keep steam out and last for a long period of time to meet their MTBF goals. Isomag bearing isolators are a positive seal that keeps external contaminates out, and holds in the lubrication, keeping it clean and pristine. Since incorporating Isomag bearing isolators in 2014, Howe Sound Pulp and Paper has reported zero issues with contamination, and the Bingham CFO pump has been running fantastic.

A brochure for Isomag bearing isolators for pumps can be found here. Also as a reminder, Isomag bearing isolators can be custom made to fit your machine. Contact our customer service team and we will help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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