A question that is frequently asked is if Isomag makes a bearing isolator with a bolt on design. We do! Sometimes machines come in for repair with a bearing cap in poor condition, and instead of machining a new one, Isomag can make a bolted flange bearing isolator that fits directly into the bolt pattern. The bolted flange design is also great because of its ease of installation, and the robust nature of Isomag Bearing Isolators. The bolted flange design is most commonly found on gearboxes, but we have also made them for, pumps, motors, refiners, turbines, and can be made to fit any rotating equipment you have.

Isomag bearing isolators can be custom made to fit your machine. Contact our customer service team and we will help you find the ideal solution for your needs. If you are looking for a bolted flange Isomag bearing isolator, give us a shout, and all we need is the answer to a few extra questions, and drawings will be made for your approval.

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