1. Isomag’s create a true seal.

Isomag’s utilize two lapped-flat faces held together with magnetic energy to create a true liquid-tight seal. This seal is bi-directional, therefore preventing lubrication leaks while also eliminating contamination ingress into the bearing housing. Labyrinth isolators on the other hand, create a close-clearance restrictive path between it’s rotating and stationary components, which is solvable by fluid flow.

2. Isomag’s prevent contamination in both static and dynamic operating conditions.

Unlike labyrinth isolators, Isomag’s do not require the centrifugal force of the equipment’s rotating shaft to expel contaminants. While labyrinths will allow contaminants to flow into the housing during equipment shutdowns, Isomag’s magnetic faces will prevent even the smallest contaminant particles from entering the housing.

3. Isomag’s seal in a wider variety of lubrication conditions.

Isomag bearing seals are not limited to the splash lubricating condition. The magnetically energized faces allow equal sealing in splash, bath, flooded, circulated, mist, and grease conditions.

4. Isomag’s reduce waste oil by at least 83%.

Perhaps the most important reason to switch to Isomag bearing isolators is the massive reduction in waste oil. Not only is lubrication expensive on the front end, proper disposal of waste lubrication is costly as well. While labyrinth isolators typically suggest oil changes every 6 months, Isomag’s can increase this rate of change to every 3 years with mineral oils and 5-6 years with synthetics. This means you can get at least an 83% reduction in oil changes, and therefore a giant reduction in the costs associated with these changes.

5. Isomag’s improve bearing life by 150%

According to the ISO 281 standards, the bearing life calculation is directly correlated to the size particle which can be filtered out of the bearing housing. The better labyrinth close-clearance designs typically eliminate particles greater than 30 microns while some will allow particles over 200 microns to pass through. With Isomag’s lapped flat faces, all particles greater than 1 micron are filtered out of the system. Following the modified life equation, L10m, as described in ISO 281, this results in about a 150% increase in bearing life over the tighter labyrinth designs. These results are proven by Isomag’s field data on bearing MTBF.

A brochure for Isomag bearing isolators for any of your rotating equipment can be found here. Also, please note Isomag bearing seals can be custom made to fit your machine. Contact our customer service team and we will help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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