Sealing Solutions For The Wind Turbine Industry

The wind turbine industry represents a significant component of the renewable energy sector, and brings with it unique challenges for maintaining consistent, efficient, reliable operation.

Wind turbines must operate under particularly demanding conditions: temperature extremes, constant operation, and — for offshore wind turbines — moisture and sea air. It is critical that every component in the wind turbine be designed to minimize maintenance and optimize performance.

ISOMAG Seals for the Wind Turbine Industry

Bearing seals in wind turbines are a key concern in achieving high performance, minimizing maintenance and keeping equipment running smoothly. With a poor seal, lubricant is likely to leak, and contaminants are far more likely to find their way into lubricant and the component itself.

ISOMAG bearing seals are designed to prevent these issues, with magnetically energized faces that prevents egress of lubricant and ingress of contaminants. ISOMAG seals are ideal for the following applications:

  • Wind turbine gearbox seals
  • Wind turbine main bearing seals
  • Seals for bearings in wind turbine rotating and reciprocating parts

With a properly sealed main shaft bearing, wind turbine operations can continue unabated, with far less of a need for maintenance, repairs, oil changes and replacement. A high-quality wind turbine gearbox seal achieves the same optimal functionality — extending service life and preventing the need for frequent maintenance. Reduced maintenance is especially critical in offshore wind turbines, which can be difficult and costly to access.

The unique design of ISOMAG seals for the wind turbine industry makes them ideally suited for the critical demands of this fast-growing field. Learn about the ISOMAG difference today.