Sealing Solutions for The Pulp & Paper Industry

In the pulp and paper industry, demanding manufacturing conditions can shorten the service life of bearings in process-critical machinery. Downtime can prove disastrous in these high-volume applications with strict deadlines and tight margins, so reliability is critical to remain competitive and efficient. ISOMAG combines deep industry knowledge with innovative products that can help increase efficiency while reducing maintenance costs.

Bearings are intended to operate for many years, ideally with low maintenance requirements. Due to the nature of paper mill environments, however — high humidity and heavy washdown scenarios — bearings frequently fail. The primary reasons for failure are contamination of the bearing housing (through the entry of water or dirt), or the loss of lubrication. Either scenario can lead to bearing failure and equipment shutdown, creating unexpected downtime and high maintenance costs.

The most common types of bearing housing protection devices for rotating equipment are contact seals, such as lip seals, and labyrinth isolators. Due to the contacting nature of lip seals, however, they create immediate, substantial wear and tear at the point of contact, and may groove the shaft, creating a much higher risk of failure in a short period. This wear and tear is what allows lubricant to escape and contaminants to enter the bearing housing. Labyrinth isolators do not damage the host equipment, however labyrinths are not seals. Labyrinths require centrifugal force to protect bearings, and keep contaminants out. Any time equipment is not in operation, the labyrinth isolator cannot protect the equipment, and the equipment is exposed to a greater risk of failure.

To increase your equipment reliability and reduce maintenance time and costs, protect your paper machine rolls with longer-lasting magnetic-face bearing seals.

Effectively safeguard your paper machine with ISOMAG's bearing isolator technology. ISOMAG develops and manufactures the original long-term, liquid-tight magnetic-face bearing isolator — the most effective way to safeguard your paper machinery. Our advanced positive seal design consistently outperforms other isolators.

Protect your profit margins, your deadlines and your rotary equipment by extending bearing life, eliminating wear, decreasing maintenance and rebuild events, and preventing lubricant egress. Our bearing isolators are specifically designed to prevent premature bearing/equipment failure. We serve a broad range of industries by providing a long-term, liquid-tight seal, without heat generation, loss of lubrication or contaminant ingress. Contact us today to learn more.