Sealing Solutions For The Power Generation Industry

The power generation industry incorporates all manner of moving parts and precision equipment to fulfill their critical tasks. Whether coal, wind, hydro or nuclear, reliability and quality operation are of the utmost importance when failure or shutdown has repercussions throughout the grid.

ISOMAG sealing solutions — including blower shaft seal products and cooling tower gearbox seal products — are designed to overcome these challenges, providing extended service life, liquid-tight seals, and unparalleled quality and reliability to outperform other seals and isolators in the applications where it is most important.

Driving Quality Performance Through Sealing Solutions

Why are seals so critical to the performance of power generation equipment such as blowers, cooling towers, motors, fans, gearboxes, generators and others? To perform up to spec and with maximum efficiency, the moving, rotating and reciprocating parts in this equipment must remain properly lubricated and contaminant-free.

ISOMAG sealing solutions can ensure that these needs are fulfilled — yielding smooth, consistent operation by preventing lubricant leaks, and protecting equipment and reducing maintenance by eliminating contaminant ingress.

In contrast to solutions such as an electric motor bearing isolator — which does not provide a true seal and can begin leaking lubricant almost immediately — ISOMAG seals are designed differently and built to provide extended service with less maintenance, fewer oil changes and more efficient operation.

ISOMAG seal features and benefits include:

  • A magnetic-face design that reduces wear on the seal and on host equipment components while providing the tightest, most reliable seal possible
  • Fewer maintenance events — where standard lip seals might require replacement within three to six months, ISOMAG seals can go years before being replaced
  • A vast reduction in leaks, with an integral magnetic-face design that prevents lubricant egress — something standard isolators do not do

The power generation industry needs reliable, uninterrupted operation to fulfill the demanding tasks of the facility. ISOMAG seals are ready to help.