Sealing Solutions For The Oil & Gas Industry

In the oil and gas industry, efficiency, reliability and safety are of paramount importance, in upstream oil and gas solutions as well as delivery systems. In today’s oil and gas landscape, not only is the demand for energy on the rise, but so is the desire for increasingly innovative and sustainable solutions. To meet these requirements, oil and gas equipment must operate at peak
performance. This means contaminant-free operation, with systems running to spec in terms of lubricant levels, temperature, moisture levels, throughput and more.

Deficiencies in any of these areas can lead to contaminated product, lengthy repair times, rising maintenance costs and increased material spend. Reliable bearing seals are a critical component in meeting these needs, better ensuring consistent operation while protecting equipment and product alike.

Benefits of ISOMAG Oil and Gas Bearing Seals

Bearing seals are designed to keep lubricant from escaping rotating parts, as well as to keep contaminants from entering equipment. Faulty bearing seals can lead to equipment damage, rising temperature and moisture levels, introduction of contaminants, and oil or gas leaks. Each
of these scenarios will drive up operating costs for equipment, repairs, cleanup and lost time — as well as potential regulatory risks if environmental leaks or spills occur.

Typical lip mount bearing seals are subject to failure at any time, due to their direct mounting to the shaft in a rotating part. This configuration leads to almost immediate wear and tear, with potential damage to equipment as well as to the lip-mount seal itself — often requiring replacement in just a few months.

ISOMAG magnetic-face seals are designed to work differently. With a contactless design that rotates along with the shaft, ISOMAG oil and gas seals can last for up to 75,000 service hours, with vastly reduced wear and tear, extended time between oil changes, and an exponential
increase in performance and reliability.

ISOMAG bearing seal applications for oil and gas include:

  • Electric Motors
  • Steam Turbines
  • API Pump bearing Isolator Solutions
  • Oil mist bearing isolator solutions to eliminate oil mist spray
  • And more

To learn more about how ISOMAG can provide the solutions you need for unprecedented improvements in efficiency and reliability in your oil and gas operations, including upstream solutions, contact us today.