Sealing Solutions For The Mining Industry

In the demanding landscape of the mining industry, reliable operation and protection of equipment and components are key factors in keeping operations running efficiently and safely. Nearly every step of the mining process can subject machinery and equipment to harsh environments, impact, vibration and constant, heavy-duty operation: ore extraction, material transport, ore processing and more.

ISOMAG offers bearing seals for mining industry applications. They are engineered and designed to eliminate lubrication egress, prevent contaminant ingress and reduce maintenance needs — delivering the reliable, efficient operation that keeps equipment running.

More Uptime and Less Maintenance

In the mining industry, uptime is a key metric of success. Unplanned downtime and maintenance can cut into margins, affect delivery commitments, and create cost overruns that can quickly threaten the bottom line. ISOMAG bearing seals incorporate a magnetic design with integrated, lapped-flat faces to provide a true, highly effective seal. This design vastly reduces wear and tear, as opposed to lip seals that require more frequent maintenance and changeover.

ISOMAG seals are used in mining industry equipment applications including:

  • Conveyor gearbox seal
  • Slurry pump bearing seal
  • Blower seals
  • Motor seals
  • Crusher seals
  • And many more

By vastly reducing the need for conveyor gearbox repair, oil changes, seal replacement and other maintenance tasks, ISOMAG seals help your mining equipment — and equipment across other industries — do what it does best: carry out operations and maximize the return on your capital investment.