Marine Bearing Solutions

The demanding and challenging conditions of the marine industry mean that every component and piece of equipment must be up to the task of increasing reliability while minimizing maintenance. In the marine industry, repairs and replacements often mean extended downtime, difficult tasks and dangerous conditions for workers.

At ISOMAG, we offer marine bearing solutions specifically designed to address these conditions: increasing safety, reducing downtime and wear and tear, and minimizing maintenance needs.

In the marine industry, operational cost control is a critical concern at every level, from a single vessel to an entire fleet. To remain competitive and viable, it is necessary to examine potential cost savings and efficiencies in every area of the operation.

Compounded with an increase in environmental and safety regulations, it is more difficult than ever to remain profitable. ISOMAG maintains a focus on helping our customers overcome these challenges, with experts to help you select the right bearing seals for the marine industry.

With benefits including increased reliability and uptime for onboard equipment, a reduction in maintenance and inventory costs, and fewer unplanned maintenance events, ISOMAG sealing solutions are the right choice to help you remain ahead of the competition.

Applications of our marine bearing seals include:

  • Marine gearbox shaft seal
  • Crane gearbox seal
  • Centrifugal pump bearing seal
  • Marine bearing oil seal

The ISOMAG magnetic seal design is ideal for marine applications where lubricant must remain within the bearing housing, and foreign debris, including salt and other damaging material, must be kept outside of equipment. The unique magnetic-face design provides a long-term, low-maintenance, liquid-tight seal. Our seals will run cooler than the host equipment bearings and prevent lubricant egress and contaminant ingress while reducing wear on rotary equipment. ISOMAG seals provide extended bearing life, decreased maintenance and rebuilds, and safety improvements by keeping workers out of harm’s way for dangerous repairs.

With a dedicated team of professionals and expertise in sealing marine equipment bearing housings, we are ready to provide you with the most technically suitable sealing solutions for your marine application or other industries.

To learn more about our marine bearing solutions, contact us today.