Sealing Solutions For The Food Processing Industry

The integrity of handling machinery and components in the food processing industry is paramount, because any malfunction or compromised equipment can lead to contaminated food product, as well as damage to the equipment. High-quality bearing seals for food processing industry applications are a necessary consideration — helping to prevent egress of lubricant from bearings as well as to prevent ingress of contaminants into bearings and equipment.

Food grade oil seal products from ISOMAG deliver the reliable operation necessary for these types of applications, with a unique design that sets ISOMAG seals apart from other manufacturers. ISOMAG engineers and manufactures magnetic-face seals that provide the tightest-possible seal while reducing wear and tear. Unlike lip seals or isolator-type solutions, ISOMAG products are designed to vastly reduce maintenance and improve operational efficiency.

Innovative Sealing Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

ISOMAG seals provide food grade solutions for a broad range of food processing applications, including:

  • Conveyor shaft seals
  • Mixer gearbox seal products
  • Rotating and reciprocating bearing seals
  • Electric motors
  • And more

Why are food grade shaft seals so important? If your seal is not up to the task of food processing and handling, you may encounter issues such as:

  • Premature degradation of seals and components due to contact with food materials
  • Contamination of food product due to food particles that may become lodged in seals
  • Production delays and product waste
  • Increased maintenance requirements
  • Damage to equipment and components from water spray or food contamination

ISOMAG food processing seals — including stainless steel bearing seal products — are designed to be able to overcome these challenges and work perfectly with your food processing equipment, changing your maintenance expectations, part turnover and efficiency metrics.

Additional benefits of ISOMAG food processing bearing seals include:

  • Extended time between maintenance and replacement — ISOMAG seals can last several times as long as standard lip seals, in many cases up to 75,000 hours before replacement
  • Fewer oil changes, since oil is far less contaminated by external material
  • Increased uptime, keeping equipment up and running for longer and optimizing throughput
  • Improved quality, a critical consideration in the highly regulated food processing landscape
  • Longer equipment life span — not only do ISOMAG seals last longer, but they protect your equipment from food contamination, water spray and other potentially damaging scenarios that can occur with less-secure seal products

With products suited for the food processing industry and beyond, ISOMAG has the right products to keep your equipment running at peak performance and optimal output.