Sealing Solutions For The Food & Beverage Industry

Food and beverage plants are experiencing higher demand than ever, and it is critical to keep processes operating efficiently while minimizing downtime to continue meeting deadlines and controlling costs. Food and beverage manufacturers must also deal with unique operational challenges to keep equipment running and meet regulations, including high cleaning temperatures, heavy washdowns and special food grade material requirements.

In this demanding environment, equipment failures are common. Bearings are subject to earlier failure, equipment leakage occurs frequently, and equipment can be damaged from contaminant ingress. ISOMAG seals for food grade rotating equipment applications are specially designed to overcome these challenges, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance costs with an innovative bearing seal design.

With over two decades of service to companies across the world that rely on ISOMAG magnetic-face, positive-seal bearing isolators, we are pleased to offer increased reliability for a broad range of applications throughout the food and beverage production industry.

Focusing on the existing issues with traditional seal design, we created our bearing isolator technology to meet the toughest challenges of rotary equipment applications, keeping contaminants out and lubricant in while maximizing performance, uptime and efficiency. Our products are used in thousands of applications across industries every day.

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