Sealing Solutions For The Elevator Industry

In elevator manufacturing and operation, every component must fulfill its role reliably, efficiently and safely. No matter what setting an elevator is used in — from industrial to retail and office settings — safety and reliability must be paramount concerns.

Elevator bearings play a major role in moving elevators, and bearing seals play a key part in ensuring that bearings do not break down, malfunction or require frequent maintenance. In order to accomplish this, elevator seals must be designed to keep contaminants out of bearings while ensuring that lubricant remains within the bearing.

Elevator Bearing Seals From ISOMAG

With high-quality elevator bearing seal solutions, elevator operation can continue to occur smoothly and safely, with minimal disruption for maintenance or unexpected shutdown. ISOMAG elevator bearing seals feature a unique magnetic design that delivers these benefits in ways that typical lip seals cannot, creating a liquid-tight seal that minimizes wear and tear, extends time between maintenance events, and can ensure that unplanned shutdowns become a rarity.

ISOMAG designs and manufactures the original long-term, liquid-right magnetic-face bearing isolator used in the elevator industry, along with a vast range of other industries. With our advanced positive seal design, we outperform other isolators and protect your rotary equipment by extending bearing life, eliminating wear and tear, decreasing maintenance and rebuild requirements, and preventing lubricant leakage.