Crusher Gearbox Seals

In the steel and metal manufacturing industry, equipment seals must be able to stand up to harsh conditions and high temperatures while remaining reliable. Seals are critical for keeping key steel and metal processes running at optimal quality and capacity, including crushing, grinding, and flotation.

ISOMAG sealing solutions keep crusher gearbox and steel refining gearbox machinery up and running, preventing emissions and excluding contaminants. Further applications of these seals include blowers, crushers, fans, gearboxes, grinders, motors, pillow blocks and pumps.

ISOMAG seal design provides liquid tight sealing, increasing reliability on a broad range of applications in steel and metal manufacturing.

Examples of our seal applications include:

  • Crusher gearbox seal
  • Refining gearbox seal
  • Smelting motor seal
  • Smelting pump bearing seal

In each of these applications, the sealing solution must be able to stand up to high-volume, heavy-duty usage while providing maximum reliability and minimizing maintenance needs.

At ISOMAG, our primary focus is building high-quality critical seals that steel and metal manufacturing companies, along with other industries, can rely on to keep operations up and running while reducing maintenance costs. Since 1994, we have achieved this through our innovative magnetic bearing seal design, providing the most reliable seals and minimizing wear and tear.

We consider our reputation to be on the line with every seal that we engineer, manufacture and ship, and believe that “good enough” is never enough. From product R&D to customer service, this quality extends through every aspect of our operations.

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