Sealing Solutions For The Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

In the demanding environments of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, it is crucial to keep equipment operating at peak performance to minimize maintenance events and maintain efficient operations. Equipment breakdowns and replacements mean downtime, production delays, and the potential for missed deadlines and cost overruns.

High-quality bearing seals are one way to help keep machinery in top working condition, lengthening the time between maintenance events and extending the life of equipment. Sealing solutions from ISOMAG provide benefits that other seals cannot, thanks to our unique magnetic-face technology . While lip seals begin incurring — and causing — significant wear and tear almost from the moment they are installed, our magnetic oil seals do not come into direct contact with equipment, and, thus, can yield vastly longer service life. In many cases over 75,000 hours.

A Unique Sealing Solution

ISOMAG seal products are ideal for the challenges of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where efficient, reliable operation of equipment such as pumps, motors and gearboxes is necessary to maintain a high level of production and meet the standards required for working with these specialized materials. ISOMAG provides corrosion -resistant seals and pharmaceutical-grade oil seal solutions that are designed to meet the demands of any application in these fields.

Additional benefits of turning to ISOMAG for your corrosion -resistant bearing seal needs include:

  • Extended bearing life: Instead of lip seals, which can damage host equipment throughout operation, the ISOMAG magnetic-face design is specifically intended to protect the lubrication and the bearing alike, reducing the need for replacement and maintenance.
  • Fewer oil changes: Designed to nearly eliminate oil leaks, ISOMAG ANSI pump bearing isolator products keep lubricating fluids where they are supposed to be. In practice, this leads to an average of one oil change every three years — as opposed to two or more oil changes per year with lip seals.
  • Improved protection of equipment: Just as our seals prevent egress of lubricating fluids, they also provide exemplary protection against ingress of contaminants, which can damage equipment, affect production quality, and lead to unplanned downtime for repairs or oil replacement.

With seals suitable for use with a wide range of applications, materials and environments, ISOMAG is the right choice to take your operations and efficiency to the next level.