Sealing Solutions For The Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is one of the most critical fields in which equipment and components must operate reliably and to specification. If aerospace components fail, they pose a grave safety risk, the significance of which cannot be overstated. From fuel pumps to hydraulics to landing gear, moving and rotating parts are an integral part of aviation operation.

Bearings help to ensure that these parts operate consistently and safely — reducing wear and tear and facilitating smooth, controlled movement. Bearing seals are a key component in keeping bearings operating as intended, so that bearings stay properly lubricated and

Innovative Aerospace Sealing Solutions

Aerospace seal products are not all created equally. Most aerospace seals use a lip mount assemblage, attaching directly to the shaft in a rotating piece of equipment. This configuration creates immediate wear and tear on the bearing as well as the equipment, leading to shorter
equipment life span, increased maintenance and a much faster time to replacement for the bearing.

ISOMAG magnetic face seals provide an innovative solution to these issues, with a magnetic, no-contact design that rotates with the shaft while maintaining the tightest possible seal, preventing ingress of moisture and contaminants as well as egress of lubricant. The contactless design reduces wear and tear and allows for bearing service time of up to 75,000 hours. In
addition, ISOMAG seals are designed to work with oil or grease, the two most common lubricants found in aerospace components.

Bearing Seal Applications and Benefits for Aviation

Aerospace is a continually evolving industry, with ever-improving aircraft and components leading to more demanding applications that require unprecedented reliability. From higher altitudes with lower temperatures and air pressure, to more lightweight components, to advanced fuel systems designed to be more ecologically friendly, today’s aviation bearings and
seals must be able to meet intricate requirements in harsh, demanding environments.

The innovation and reliability of ISOMAG bearing seals are ideal to meet these needs. The magnetic-face configuration achieves a tight seal in a broad range of temperatures and environments. The extended service life with minimal wear and tear means that ISOMAG seals are the most dependable option available in the field today.

ISOMAG aviation bearing seals are found in a broad range of equipment applications, protecting aircraft, equipment and, most importantly, operators, staff and passengers.

Example bearing seal applications include:

  • Auxiliary power units
  • Constant speed drives
  • Generators and alternators
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Landing gear equipment
  • Flaps and ailerons

ISOMAG bearing seals are ideally suited to temperature control, contaminant protection, lubricant containment and equipment preservation. They provide industry-leading performance even in the demanding requirements of aviation applications and other industries.

With high-quality, reliable seals, you gain benefits such as:

  • Fewer maintenance events
  • Longer equipment service life
  • Lower overall maintenance and operating costs

ISOMAG is ready to discuss your needs and provide solutions today.